Thee Watchful Five Vol 2

Watchful Five Vol.

Very Filthy Shit

Based on elusiveness, The
Filthy project combines the concepts of an art studio and clothing. The brand
headline, “not for celebrity a** niggas” is the heart of their production. The
designs focus on clean-cut lines filtered with implied paint splatters and
colloquiums. What makes them stand out from the range of mediums he produces,
items wise. Early August, he created an opaque turquoise blue rug in the shape
of a t-shirt, adorning their brand name Filthy. Creations such as these pull in
his cult following, endlessly selling out the same day. No need for FOMO
because his design schedules always lend something new out within the month.
Right now, his studio totes covered in bright colors over a taupe canvas are the
newest leading item in their shop. 



I’m a true sucker for good
pants, and Ozra’s is answering my obsession. Currently, the sold-out collection
features black and grey stretch materials, highlighted by poignant long strings
to create a polished, chaotic look. Dawned the Mummy Pants, her jaw-dropping
garment form fits around the booty and thighs with tied and scatter strips
hanging from the back and sides. Following suit, the Mummy Dress takes this
conceptualization and transforms into a maxi, short sleeve dress with a mock
v-cut. Almost popping up from nowhere, Alexis Ozan handmade designs tell a
story of allure and dynamics. 



Followed by the greats such
as TLZ L’FEMME, the fashion eyes are watching this small brand slowly make its
come-up. The summer-esque designs bring a level of comfort to sex appeal.
Shades uses ribbing materials to create Kini’s and matching skirts, popping out
in full 3-piece sets. They come in sorbet pink, heather grey, and deep brown,
making the decision to choose between them even more difficult! The unique
pairing of this clothing Haus comes with two funders, Bjrnck and Dawna Melina,
instead of one. Originally styling themselves in the designs, they’ve since
branched out and included their clothing on a market website that features only
smaller brands, Twenty. co.  

grey ribbed 3 piece set skirt and bikini top


Melanin Gods 

Operated and handmade by
Marquis Holis, Melanin Gods puts set makers to shame. The standout collection
that caught my eye was the trendy cherub print redesigned. His cherubs and
saint figures are Black with notable features like kinky hair and mahogany
skin. Adding to the woven fabric takeover deconstructs blankets and premade
items into tapered pants, shorts, and crewnecks. His garments are promoted as
unisex, the streetwear slogan, but he includes pieces, especially for femme wear
like his Black Saints four-piece set. This set includes a string Kini with a
rope tie mini skirt and an adjustable halter top. Yet again, leaving everyone
in complete awe. 


Nessia The

How could one tire of the
Kini, especially when the fabrics range from sunset to snake?? Nessia the
Label, humbly starting late July, has quickly amassed excitement from her body
collection. She wasted no time and set the Kini’s front and center with curvy
figures debuting the sets. Body features three different styles: Lemonade Mesh,
Nudes Loading, and (my personal favorite) Sneaky. Sneaky is an ombre, snake
print bikini that effortlessly melts into brown skin, a big win for Black women
waiting to stunt during the quarantine. While winter is setting in soon and
we’ll all be bundled next to heaters, Nessia’s Kini reminds us summer is


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