Thee Watchful Five

  1. Thee Watchful Five Vol 6

    The Watchful five is back, better than ever. It’s a brand-new year, and the trends are ever-evolving from y2k to knit to garage core. And what better way to spend the new year than deep diving for new unsung designers that deserve recognition? So, let’s get into it.  Nelly Co 

  2. Thee Watchful Five Vol 5

    Like a Drugg My first interaction with this brand was religiously scrolling through Creepyyeha’s Instagram, wishing my pockets were fatter to afford her top-quality garters lingerie. I stopped at this pastel dream arrangement filled with lavenders, lemons, mints, and sky blues, but this time, the focus wasn’t just on her…

  3. Thee Watchful Five Vol 4

    LAKIKA WORLDWIDE Let’s start with the website’s home page because that’s where the magic begins for this brand. The homepage of textiles and garments handmade in Mali reveals a richly colored Black man – his eyes following you through your first scroll. Heading down the page, black skin is embossed…

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